I’m Back

In today’s post we will be discussing the importance of being…

whisper from off-screen

What? Oh, weekly post?… No? Monthly post? looks at the last post date Oh…

Yes, it’s been a while. And joking aside that wasn’t intentional. Life happens, and I had a number of posts that I meant to write and post. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Since that last post there has been a lot of second guessing and doubt on my part. Both with the writing and what to write. Truthfully, many of my political and religious ideals wouldn’t be popular. And I don’t think I’m that exciting of a person. I don’t have big adventures all the time. So why would anyone want to read the thoughts of someone like me?

Maybe those are the exact reasons. As humans, we grow by being challenged and reading (or doing) things we aren’t comfortable with. Going forward, I’ll have a mixture of things, similar to what I do now.So expect more book reviews, cooking, and writing related things. I’m sure I’ll end up with some political and religious things at some point as well. After all, it’s part of who I am.

But, the next thing I’ll be posting will be a Preview / Review of the iOS version of Scrivener. I’m a huge fan of the program, and the iOS version will be here shortly. I’ll explain more soon.

The other thing that you will probably notice in the coming months are more posts that weren’t here before. I’m going to work on merging some relevant posts from my other my Hero’s Tale blog just to consolidate more common topics.

So, I’ll see you in a couple days when there’s some Scrivener talk!