2012 – Writing Perspective

I’m separating my Year In Review post into Writing and Personal this year. I had too much to think about, and just couldn’t combine them. So, If you’re interested in my 2012 Personal Perspective, click the link to go see it. So, my 2012 Writing Perspective?

  • My biggest one is the Hero’s Tale Vote Your Adventure series. I’ve been having fun with that. My only complaint is that it’s going slower than I wanted. Real life has gotten in the way of my writing. So, sorry if I sound like I’m complaining about it. I really don’t intend to. Life happens and throws plans off. I do know that the moves my family has made has contributed to that, and I still haven’t gotten back into the swing of things since the last one.

  • Next on my list is getting BrianTRonk.com up and running. I know some don’t recommend having 2 blogs, but I wasn’t comfortable with one. Heros-Tale.com was always meant to be a place to focus on the Hero’s Tale story, so that was why I separated them.

  • I’m going with NaNoWriMo next. This year was another success. I worked on a rewrite of a Hero’s Tale story. It’s going well, but I need to take some time to really focus on plotting and character development. Which leads me to my next thought:

  • What story am I working on? That I’m still working on. I have 2 that I could do next. One is a superhero novel from NaNoWriMo in 2010. There are 3 chapters left to write, and then some editing/rewriting. The other would be NaNoWriMo 2011’s project. It’s a fantasy in the vein of The Chronicles of Narnia. But, I’m only half way through the story on that one. So, I’m leaning towards the superhero one. Are there any preferences in what people would like to see?

  • The last major one would be writing in general. As I said, it’s been hard this year, and I’m finally understanding why it’s so hard right now. Up until the late spring/early summer, I was doing alright. After that is when this hit. That’s when my family moved for the first time. A move in itself is enough to throw someone off, and I think I expected too much of myself. Then in the early fall we moved again. Since then I will say I’ve been writing more than I had been. But I’m still trying to find my writing niche. In our old home, I had it. I could go write with no problem. Now, I have too many distractions. It’s hard for me to drown out the noise, so to speak. But, I know that it’s just a matter of time before I find my groove.

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