DQ3 – The Eye of Winter’s Fury preview

First and foremost, thanks to the people at Gollancz and author Michael J. Ward for a slightly advanced copy of Destiny Quest: The Eye of Winter’s Fury. I say slightly because of the travel time “across the pond”. The book came out last Thursday, I just got it a week later. BUT! That won’t stop me from doing a slight preview and review (when I’m done). I also had an unexpected surprise with a copy of Tithe of the Saviours by A J Dalton. Look for a review of it as well.

Playing Destiny Quest 3

Playing Destiny Quest 3

So, how does The Eye of Winter’s Fury stack up? So far, it looks like it may be the best of the series. And I’m only through the Prologue.

And what a Prologue it is. It’s a whole quest unto itself, as compared to a large section in the previous books. I’ve run into one puzzle, a number of combats to ease readers into the story and the rules, and one heck of a twist. The heroes in the Destiny Quest series have hard lives, and this one will be no different.

So, if you are a fan of The Legion of Shadow and The Heart of Fire, you will want to pick this up.