Destiny Quest: The Story So Far

The Eye of Winter’s Fury, Book 3 in the Destiny Quest series, arrives Thursday, April 17. In honor of it, I thought I’d offer a recap of the other books to help remind what has gone on so far. Be aware that there will be spoilers here on out. If you don’t want to have the story of the previous two books (which I highly recommend) ruined, then don’t read any further. You have been warned!

So you are still here? Good. This will seem short and hurried. That is because there is a lot of story to cover, and truthfully, the books tell it much better. So, let’s begin this recap with:

Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow

Your character awakens in the middle of a battlefield with no memory. The only potential hint is a glowing purple serpentine mark on an arm. Everyone else around you is dead, except for a young knight. He tells you to take his place as an apprentice to Avian Dale, a powerful mage who lives in the area. You travel around the lands of Tithebury Cross, and finally arrive at Avian’s castle. He accepts you, but that night things go wrong.

You awaken in the middle of the night, and find that you are being controlled. You steal a piece of a magical gate, and take it to a portal that has opened. A message arrives the next morning that the shadow gate in Talanost that locked the Legion of Shadow away for centuries has opened. Avian goes to Talanost to help create a shield to keep the Legion trapped. Even though you are suspected of helping the Legion, you are sent to find Jenlar Cornelius to the south. He will know what to do.

You find Jenlar’s cabin, but he is gone. When you finally find him, the seer is poisoned by an assassin. This assassin is just like you. You are both Nevarin, shadowborn generals of the Legion. You were both stranded in this world when the Legion was defeated and locked away, Since then, you have been trying to re-open the gate.

You kill the assassin and absorb its powers, an ability the Nevarin have. Before he dies, Jenlar tells you that you are the key to stopping the Legion this time. The mage city of Talanost is where the battle will happen, but the main attack will happen from behind in he Bone Fields. The king of Valeron will not arrive in time to stop the attack. Jenlar mentions that Avian wants to close the gate, and must be stopped. It is a trap. Only shadow magic can close the gate now. Before passing, Jenlar opens a portal to the Bone Fields for you.

The Fields are the location of the last battle where the Legion of Shadow was defeated previously. Even though they don’t trust you as a Nevarin, the commanders in charge of the area listen and allow you to help. The enemies that are marching on the Fields are undead, and led by the necromancer Zul Ator. He is the one who used you to steal the piece to open the gate.

With new friends, you help defeat Zul Ator, and the undead army falls apart. In the chaos, the barrier around Talanost that was keeping the enemy inside falls. You take that time to enter and find Avian Dale and the shadow gate. But you are too late to stop him. Avian Dale triggers the trap, and is pulled into the gate. You plunge in after him and find yourself in the lands of the Nevarin. Your homeworld.

There, you meet Sharroth, the one who has the privilege to lead the Legion. The massive in-human creature explains that the Nevarin are slaves to his kind. With Avian’s help, though you break free. You destroy Sharroth, the shadow gate, and return to Valeron a hero.

But the work of a hero is never done. As you are hunting down the remnants of the Legion in Talanost, a trap is triggered. An army of shadow spawn emerge from hiding. You are able to drive them back with the help of your friends, but are captured in the process.

You are captured by Lorcan, a deranged Nevarin. He is seeking a way back to the Shroud, a place of magic and demons, and where the army had been hidden. You defeat him, but instead of absorbing him like the other shadowborn, he forces himself into you. This allows Lorcan to take you over, and gain control. So now the Nevarin, hero of Talanost, is enslaved to the will of a madman.

Destiny Quest: The Heart of Fire

Your character is a prophet imprisoned by the inquisitors of the Church, and force fed an elixir that enhances your visions. The librarian who is writing down the visions seems particularly interested in a recent one about a demon who remakes the sword Ragnarok, the destroyer of worlds. A message arrives that you are to be released to Avian Dale, but before that can happen, you are set free by the Wiccans when they attack the prisons. They are a group at odds with the Church in the Fenstone Moors.

You set off to live your own life in the moors and the city of Carvel, but your visions won’t allow it. You see a demon imprisoned in a bramble forest, and track it down. A relic of great power is discovered that will allow you access to the forest. When the demon is found, you realize it is the one from your visions.

Cernos, the demon, has led you there to free it. You and your companions are powerless against the guardian of the demon, and Cernos is freed. He destroys the guardian and takes the Heart of Fire from the relic. Before he can kill you, Cernos is stopped by the witchfinder Virgil Elland. The demon flees, but gives you a parting gift. You are now slowly turning into a demon.

Virgil sends you to follow Cernos. He tells you that you have a connection now. Plus, the only thing that can stop you from becoming a demon is the heart of Cernos.

You follow Cernos to the Terral Jungle, and track him into a volcano. You almost defeat him, but are distracted by a device that allows Virgil and Avian Dale to find you. Cernos is badly beaten by the two men, and manages to escape to the sealed dwarven city of Tartarus. The location of the sword Ragnarok. Desperate to stop the demon, the three of you follow.

As you journey through the decimated lands of Tartarus, you discover that Cernos was not always a demon. Like you, he was changed into one. Virgil also misled you, there is no cure. You are now a demon forever.

The final battle is devastating. Avian looses his magic, and possibly his life. Cernos remakes the blade, but is destroyed by it. Ragnarok drives you and Virgil to fight for it, and the witchfinder is killed by your own hands. But Ragnarok is not claimed by you in the end. The librarian appears. It is Lorcan, the Nevarin. He claims the sword and vanishes. As a fully transformed archdemon, you swear vengeance on Lorcan and his machinations.

You return to Carvel and find that the Wiccans have killed the ruling prince and their chief is now king. You offer your assistance to King Conall for a bigger prize, the kingdom of Valeron. After all, you have unfinished business with Lorcan.

Destiny Quest: The Eye of Winter’s Fury

War now ravages the kingdom of Valeron, and the Wiccans have gained the upper hand. Now, Prince Arran is sent to gain help in the frozen north. But he is untested and naive. Can this boy who is looked down on prove his worth, and change destiny?

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